Tramigo Magnum

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Durable container and asset tracking device

Tramigo Magnum is an asset tracking device for containers, equipment and portable assets where power is not available. Tracks your goods in transit anywhere in the world!

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Tramigo Magnum: container and asset tracking device


Asset tracking device for tracking containers, construction equipment, cargo, trailers and goods in transit anywhere in the world with automatic or on demand location reports.


Track movement, monitor locations, set geo-fence alarms and receive departure and arrival alerts.


Battery life on a single charge to give many weeks or even months reporting. No fixed installation needed.


Wide language selection including English, Spanish, French, German, Finnish and Swedish.

TLDLandmarks (TLD)

TLD makes possible understanding real-time location without the Internet. Embedded in every Tramigo tracking device.


Lowest defect rate in the industry with 2-year warranty. Global & local customer support in multiple languages.

Container and asset tracking device Tramigo Magnum

Container and asset tracking device Tramigo Magnum make it possible for you to follow your goods in transit, equipment and portable assets anywhere in the world without need to install the tracking device to fixed power source. Get alarms immediately to your mobile phone when your cargo starts moving or arrives in its destination. You can also create zones and receive alert in the event that your equipment crosses these zones or you can create checkpoints for your marine or land transits.

Container and asset tracking device Tramigo Magnum has a powerful internal battery which last over 1 month when reporting in a beacon mode. The device can be fully controlled via mobile phone and you can receive alerts and reports wherever you are. The device communicates with mobile phones over the GSM network via SMS. Free tracking software for mobile phones and tablets M1 Move is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry users and the rest can track their boats using normal SMS messages. For corporate clients we offer hosted real-time tracking software M1 Web, please contact us for further information.

Tramigo Magnum can be used together with Leopard container security lock if cargo theft is a serious concern along your route.

Check out the latest video introducing Tramigo’s car, fleet, container and asset tracking devices.

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Weight 425 g
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 4 cm

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Tramigo Magnum charging input

Tramigo Magnum does not require fixed installation to power source and it has only one (1) external connector for battery charging through DC supply input (charger included). Tramigo Magnum has a powerful internal battery and it has been designed to remain operational without an external power connection for up to several weeks in normal use. During long transits over sea or remote land areas Tramigo Magnum can be set for standby reporting mode with a battery life of over one month.

Tramigo Magnum can be used with a high security Leopard container lock or mounting case for trailers. You can secure the container door for high value cargo and track it worldwide!

All Tramigo tracking devices can be used with:

  • Text messages (SMS) with any mobile phone
  • m1Move  Tramigo M1 Move – smart phone application
  • Tramigo M1 Web – modern hosted online software for corporate fleet management clients. For further information, please contact us.

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