Tramigo Installation Cable (Full)

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Installation harness which can be used to connect Tramigo tracking device to power, ground and external sensors. IO cable – Full is used with Tramigo Fleet tracking device.

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Installation cable and harness that allows the vehicle owner to connect Tramigo tracking device to the vehicle. IO Cable – Full has 12 wires.

Installation information, see Installation Guide.

IO Cable – Full has in total twelve (12) wires:

  1. Four (4) wires to connect with external power supply (e.g. vehicle battery)
  2. Five (5) wires ports that can be used e.g.
    • Ignition sensing
    • SOS/Attention button
    • Power cut detection
    • Other customized sensor inputs like door sensor
    • Analog inputs like temperature or fuel sensor
  3. Two (2) output wires that can be used e.g.
  4. 1-wire port for driver ID reporting

More information about the installation from installation guide.