Tramigo Fleet

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Professional vehicle tracker

Tramigo Fleet is an advanced vehicle tracker when additional sensors and accessories are required. Perfect solution for fleet managers, truck and heavy machinery monitoring!


Tramigo Fleet: professional vehicle tracker


Vehicle tracker with alarm, motion, power, speed, zone crossing and ignition reports.


Rich set of digital, analog, audio and 1-wire connectors enable e.g. driver ID, temperature and fuel level monitoring.


Easy to install, extend battery life and superior power management up to 32 volts.


Wide language selection including English, Spanish, French, German, Finnish and Swedish.

TLDLandmarks (TLD)

TLD makes possible understanding real-time location without the Internet. Embedded in every Tramigo tracking device.


Vehicle tracker with lowest defect rate in the industry with 2-year warranty. Global & local customer support in multiple languages.

Vehicle tracker Tramigo Fleet

Buy vehicle tracker Tramigo Fleet which will let you always know the location of your truck, bus or heavy machinery. Get alarms immediately to your mobile phone if your vehicles moves without your permission, receive trip reports or follow driving habits. You can also create zones and receive alert in the event that your vehicles crosses these zones. In particular, you can use Tramigo Fleet with rich set of sensors which allow driver-ID reporting, temperature monitoring and vehicle battery level follow-up.

Vehicle tracker Tramigo Fleet is easy to install to your car via fixed installation to the vehicle 12V power source. The device has a powerful internal GPS antenna making fully hidden installation possible. The Vehicle tracker can be fully controlled via mobile phone and you can receive alerts and reports wherever you are. The device communicates with mobile phones over the GSM network via SMS. Free tracking software for mobile phones and tablets M1 Move is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry users and the rest can track their boats using normal SMS messages. For corporate clients we offer hosted real-time tracking software M1 Web, please contact us for further information.

Vehicle tracker Tramigo Fleet comes in a sales box which includes external panic button for installations where security is of concern, external GPS antenna makes installation possible to anywhere in the vehicle and microphone allows dialogue with the driver.

Check out the latest video introducing Tramigo’s car, fleet and container tracking devices.

Additional information

Weight 515 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 7 cm

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Accessories/auxiliary sensors

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Tramigo Fleet external connectors

Tramigo Fleet has in total four (4) external connectors:

  1. Micro USB: Charging and software updates
  2. Microphone: Possibility to attach an external (included) microphone and listen via mobile phone what’s happening in the vicinity of the device
  3. I/O port: Port for a harness that enables to connect the device to:
    • External power supply (e.g. vehicle battery)
    • Five (5) input ports that can be used e.g.
      • Ignition sensing
      • SOS/Attention button
      • Power cut detection
      • Other customized sensor inputs like door sensor
      • Analog inputs like temperature or fuel sensor
    • Two (2) output ports that can be used e.g.
      • Siren
      • Immobilizer
      • Relay control
    • 1-wire ports for driver ID reporting
  4. Connector for external GPS antenna (included)

More information about the installation from installation guide.

Tramigo Fleet Vehicle Installation

Before conducting the installation, please read through the Tramigo Installation Guide and in particular the safety information, warnings and important notes. Tramigo Installation Guide contain useful information about the installation site and tools.

These installation instruction are a summary of the tasks to be concluded when installing Tramigo Fleet and the accessories provided in the sales box.

Follow the instruction on Tramigo Fleet Quick Guide (Step 1 and Step 2)

Step 1:
– Insert SIM card
– Insert Battery
– Charge battery
– Check the unit has power
– Connect to GSM network
– Acquire satellite lock
– Check indicator lights
– Register as the owner of your unit
– Test your Tramigo
– Change your password (optional)

Familiarize yourself with the Installation Kit

Tramigo Fleet sales box content

Tramigo Fleet I/O ports and cables

Tramigo Fleet external connectors   Tramigo Fleet control buttons
Tramigo Fleet IO ports

Color Usage
1,2  Red + Power source (from regulated 6-24V supply)
3,4  Black Ground (any metallic part of the vehicle chassis or ground wire)
5 Blue Input 1 (Ignition sensor)
6 Brown Input 2 (SOS button)
7 Violet Input 3 (Customizable Input)
8 Grey Input 4 (Customizable Input)
9 = Black with white stripe Output 1 (Customizable Output)
10 = Black with pink stripe Output 2 (Customizable Output)
11 = Pink Analog (Customizable Input)
12 White 1-wire (Customizable Input)


Tramigo Fleet unit can be mounted anywhere inside your vehicle or boat where the unit will not get wet. The most common locations are behind the dashboard, under the center console, and under a side panel in the back of the vehicle. Pick a location where you can secure the unit firmly to prevent any rattling sounds after installation. In general, you can expect that a mounting situation under the dashboard of a vehicle will be satisfactory.

Tramigo Fleet common installation

Wiring diagram

Tramigo Fleet wiring diagram

Power connection

Tramigo Fleet I/O cable is used to connect the device to permanent vehicle power e.g. in the fuse box or in regulated car radio output. NOTE: Permanent power source must be selected carefully.

Wire color Description Notes
Red Vehicle supply positive (+ve) Connect wire #1 to permanent Positive (6 to 24V).
Black Vehicle supply positive (-ve) Connect wire #3 to permanent Negative.

Ignition sensor

Wire color Description Notes
Blue Ignition Sensor Connect wire #5 (Input 1) to a wire that has POWER ON only when the motor is running

SOS button / Optional installation

Wire color Description Notes
Brown Input 2 for SOS button Connect one wire of the SOS button to wire #6 (Input 2).
Second wire of SOS button Vehicle ground Connect the second wire of SOS button to vehicle ground.

GPS antenna (external) / Optional installation

Tramigo Fleet has an internal antenna which will in most cases be enough when the installation site is chosen following the instructions in the Tramigo Installation Manual. The external GPS antenna is needed when it is not possible to install Tramigo Fleet in a location where the internal GPS antenna will work. This option allows the antennas to be located in a different location within the vehicle.

The GPS antenna should be positioned horizontally and located in a position where it will have over 60% signal quality. The ideal location in most cars is in the underside of the dashboard; however, it is important to ascertain that there are no conductive materials present in the construction of the dashboard prior to fitting the antenna.

The GPS antenna must have the black side facing toward the sky. The flat side with the magnet faces the ground.
Installation of the GPS antenna (external) is done simply by plugging in the blue FAKRA plug of the GPS antenna wire to the GPS port of Tramigo Fleet.

Configure and verify the installation

Tramigo Fleet status light and control buttons

After completion of the installation, you are ready to configure your Tramigo Fleet.

  • Check that the green Power light is solid ON (charging) or emitting a short flash every 5 seconds (fully charged).
  • Check that the red GSM light is OFF.
  • Check the GPS signal by moving the vehicle to a location with a clear view of the sky. When the blue GPS light goes off (after 1-3 minutes) send a FIND command to check the location.
  • Send STATUS command via SMS to the device to check GSM and GPS levels.
  • Send INSTALL command via SMS to the device if you have installed ignition sensing, external SOS button or immobilizer. Follow the instructions sent by the device:
    • Start the vehicle to configure ignition sensing (if installed)
    • Press external SOS button for 3 seconds (if installed)
    • Vehicle will be disabled after 30 seconds by the immobilizer (if installed)
    • Note: use of the INSTALL command requires the unit is installed in its final position, do NOT move the device after you have sent the command

Please refer to Section Troubleshooting in Tramigo Installation Guide if you encounter problems in the performance of the Tramigo Fleet.

All Tramigo tracking devices can be used with:

  • Text messages (SMS) with any mobile phone
  • m1Move  Tramigo M1 Move – smart phone application
  • Tramigo M1 Web – modern hosted online software for corporate fleet management clients. For further information, please contact us.

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